Wood merchant and oak beams seller

Selling hardwoods such as oak beams is big business these days, especially in the Midlands where more and more houses are being built. We would increasingly taking off in amongst builders and carpenters are like in various tasks, it’s no wonder that wood merchants are starting to see a bit of a boom.

Oak beams are popular

One of the most popular products at the moment are oak beams, they are being used in House construction as well as house decoration throughout the Midlands. Both the house building market and consumers are increasingly looking for places to source there wood from, one such company is iWood merchants.

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly sad beat when it comes to things like choosing where they source that would from. It is no longer good enough that suppliers stock good it would be, but that the wood is ethically and sustainable sourced from sawmills across the globe.

Oak beams in particular are heavily scrutinised because it takes oak trees hundreds of years to grow to a level that they are useful to be harvested. It is important to people that went oak trees are cut down and turned into the end product, That they are replaced with other oak trees or other types of hardwood trees that are going to grow in their place. It is increasingly important that wood is ethically sourced.

In terms of house building, the Midlands is a real growth area. This is because the population is increasing and therefore so is the demand for beautiful woods such as oak. The government plans to build even more houses in the near future within the Midlands, so this trend is set to continue long into the future.


Plumbers in Stoke-on-Trent

The first company that we are going to cover art friends of ours who are Plumbers Stoke on Trent. Now planning companies are fairly common to every city, at the moment there is a huge demand for plumbers in the United Kingdom and the Midlands is no exception. What sets these plumbers apart is their desire to go beyond what your typical plumber or plumbing company does. Rather than simply being a man they’ve than they aim to give plumbing services a professional and polished image.

plumbers stoke on trent

What makes these plumbers different

What sets this plumbing company apart is not only the fact that they offer services such as boiler service Stoke on Trent and boiler repairs in the area but that they do so in a professional manner, they come complete with their own uniforms and always make sure that their customers are left satisfied. Not only is their approach to plumbing in Stoke on Trent different, but they also believe in educating their customers how do not need them in the first place. By teaching there customers how to do basic planning themselves, when the time comes that the job is too big for them they know that they can rely on people to call them.

This revolutionary approach to plumbing customers service is really winning customers over. Another plumbers company with a mention are TQ Plumbers who offer plumbers Stafford.


Midlands Business Profiles

Welcome to the blog all about businesses and and tourism in the Midlands. Compared to London businesses in the Midlands and tourism destinations get very little exposure in the media. We aim to change that, this blog will be covering and doing profiles on businesses in the Midlands and the work that they do in their communities.

We aren’t going to be restricting ourselves to a particular size of business Lil we will be covering business is large and small whether you’re a plumber, locksmiths or a technology company in our catchment area. Equally we want to talk about historical tourist destinations that the Midlands is packed full of.